• smoissoncha


    Experte Sourcing — Sourcinc #Recrutement #DigitalHR #Event #Audiovisuel #ESS #Startup #DigitalRH #i4Emploi&R La où se trouve une volonté, il existe un chemin

  • Marouchka Hebben

    Marouchka Hebben

    Human-centered design expert and ambassador. I apply my expertise in digital and non-digital environments. I write both in French and English. @SaegusFrance

  • Nurul Nadhirah

    Nurul Nadhirah

  • Marie Moulinié

    Marie Moulinié

  • Sarah Goismier

    Sarah Goismier

    🤖 Conversation Designer: Voicebots & Chatbots

  • Mathilde Gailledreau

    Mathilde Gailledreau

  • Matthieu Courtin

    Matthieu Courtin

    Passionate about all things decentralization and personal development.

  • Wasulu Habib Olawale

    Wasulu Habib Olawale

    Digital Marketing Expert, Chatbot Enthusiast, communications lead @ingressive

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